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The Sims 3 and my OC's.

Theres a few things I have been doing a lot of lately..

. I have organized and been updating my DA, almost every other day.
. I've been playing my 3DS like crazy (Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem FTW).
. I put myself on a liquid diet of water, literally all I drink is water. Occasionally, I might have ONE other drink of the day (diet soda, juice, milk, ect), but then it's back to water. I've been having caffeine I remember why I didn't want to become dependent on caffeine to get me through work.
. Starting to get back into the mood to write my books again! YAY!
. Been editing my photo-shoots, working on making my photography business, and preparing for Kumoricon in September.
. Been playing The Sims 3 again like crazy. Now in my sims game, I have a whole town dedicated to my OC's from my book "Snow" (so Felina and all of them), as well as my two of best friends (Ash and Sam) OC's so my characters have their lovers, families, ect (so essentially from the mini book we where working on: To Make You Smile). I have been having.. WAY to much fun creating them. Which is funny because usually I don't like the making Sims process, just playing them. XD Well, I been taking some epic in game shots, downloading mods to make them perfect, ect.. may post some of the photos up here so you can see.

That being said, playing with Felina in the game makes me miss her in RL..My room-mate and I will be heading up to Seattle soon to get her though, so now long now! :D <3

Hope everyone is having a nice and safe night/day!! <3 <3

A entry about food.

I love food. Truley, I do. I enjoy trying new things, most of the time. I love cooking movies (Julie and Julia is one of my all time favorites), and shows (I am re-watching Cake Boss), and even books (Our Garden Herb book is always around me)!
So it's funny that, I myself, can not really cook. I mean, I can cook soups and stews. If I want to give myself a little pride here, I actually make the best soups and stews in the house hold. I also make a mean scrambled egg dish, I am well known to have the best Bruschetta, and I apparently make the best crock-pot Pot Roast in the house. But when it comes to any big dishes, I tend to burn.
I often think I would LOVE to take a cooking or baking class, love too! But the thing is, I don't like attending those things alone. Their always more fun when it's with a friend, alone it's just..awkward.

That being said..anyone want to take a cooking or baking class with me? :3

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe day/night! <3 <3

AJ Falling Blue

I really should post more instead of whenever something bad happens, lol.

As the title says, I really need to update this more. I feel like I pay for a small premium for nothing! Haha.
Well I guess I will be doing that more, mostly because..I got laid off from my job.
It was all rather sudden, and a bit odd how they did it. I was in shock, and I am feeling a little bit depressed from it all still. Unlike my last call center job, I actually like this one. I liked my team, my boss, the environment, even the customers where usually fun and easy to deal with. My stats had been good the last few weeks, and only getting better, and I rarely took time off that wasn't approved by my work itself.. so I am not sure what caused them to lay me off. I was a temp yes, but they where planning on converting me.. then suddenly I wake up one morning to a call saying for me to not return because they decided to end my contract. All very weird, very strange.. and of course, it put a lot of future plans on hold once again.
I been looking on the positive side of things though: I get a summer. I been there long enough to get unemployment. This gives me time to write, work on my books, do photography, and get my photography business off the ground. Possibly go back to college. Exercise more. All the positive stuff.

One thing I think I know by now though: I am not sure I want to do Call Centers anymore. I feel like I am done with that. It's so much stress and pressure, trying to do everything right and keep all your stats perfect every day..I am just not sure anymore.

I look forward to updating this more!
Hope everyone is having a safe and fun day/night!

AJ Blue

Ready for May.

I know I said I was going to post more, back in March, and then after that I had Sakuracon 2013 (which went excellent btw), and than what I almost called "the month of hell"...April.

I want to get the month of April out of the way, keep things positive with it, and trying not to think of all the bad that happened with it. So I am going to do the bad first, and then the good, in shot point lists. Haha.

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So yeah, the month of April, just not been any of our month really, but we all made it through, and are stronger from it somehow.
And since I believe looking on the bright side of things always helps, here's a list of all the good things that happen this month!!

. My fiances birthday. Though there was a car wreck that day, the birthday was a fun little get together, and my fiance had a blast, and got a lot of cool things he wanted. He was particularly happy with the cameo rifle case I got him, and the Hitman Absolution and Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butchers Bay video games I got him, and the mini do-it-yourself mini whiskey barrel my mother got him, lol!! He was so cute, how his face lit up to these things!! <3 <3

. My fiances work schedule got changed, HE NOW HAS WEEKENDS OFF WITH ME!! :D Im so happy and excited about this, I really hope it sticks around!! It has been so nice being able to sleep in and wake up together, getting out and doing things and activity's together we really haven't been able to do since November 2012, when we didn't have work schedule that over lapped so much, lol! It's been really nice, so keep hoping and wishing his schedule sticks to this, because we're loving it!! This coming weekend we plan to get out to start our annual garden!! :D <3 <3  I love him so much!!

. Getting my photography business up more, made myself more a name at Sakuracon 2013, cosplayers are starting to know who I am, and I got returning customers now!! This is a good start to my business, yeah!! <3 <3"

. Annd lastly, SUPER GOOD NEWS, I have a good chance of being converted to a FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE at my job, so says my boss, just got to work a bit more and get my stats up, and I'm good!! :D So wish and hope with me on that too!!

Annd yeah! That's it for now! I got a REALLY good feeling that May is going to be EPIC!! <3 Yep!! <3

So I hope everyone is having a fun and safe night/day, keep watch for me posting more!! <3 <3


It's been a long while..

Jeez..I really havn't posted here in a good while. I will be sure to fix that soon! I actually thought about posting all the time but I either got too tired or too busy to do so, but now that things are calming down a bit (hopefully, I'll start trying to post more).

A small bit of what I been up too since I am actually at work:

. New apartment is almost finished being unpacked. Theres still a bit to go, but I need more storage space first.
. Sakuracon next week!! I am charging for my shoots this year and I am AMAZED by all the people who signed up, I am actually FULL on all four days!! O__O I also managed to get two small cosplays done in time, I am sensing this year will be epic Sakuracon wise.
. My fiance got a job!! He's a security guard for the show Grimm, how cool is that?! He also does security for other places as well.
. Finally got my girls (my BJDs) put away on their shelves. Now that spring has hit, I really want to take Rosalie to the Rose Gardens for a shoot..I need to do that soon.

. And probably the biggest thing, I am finally taking Felina to get her faceup done. :) She will be going to Sakuracon with me and safetly delivered in the arms of my good friend Ana, who is is not only going to give her an awsome faceup, but body blush her as well. I must say, I am still a bit nervous. I trust Ana like no tomorrow with Felina, but I have never left Felina with ANYONE before. D: So this is what it feels like..
But I am seriously excited by the fact she's getting it all done, pretty soon Felina will be back in business to have shoots with, YAY!! <3 <3

Hope everyone else if having a nice and safe day/night!! <3 :)

New Year's Resolutions.

I am really late on doing this, mostly because work keeps me so busy, and when I am not at work I am being lazy and haven't been wanting to write it out, lol! XD Anyways, trying to keep it simple this year since last year some stuff I was not able to complete resolution wise. So here we go, my resolutions for the year 2013!

. Finish at least half of one of the three books am writing. 
. Get healthier in the new year, and lose weight (at least get back down to 120 pounds, which is just over what is suppose to be my heights average weight). 
. To make and keep my friends, fiance love, and family happy and healthy!! 
. Take more model and portrait photography. 
. Take more BJD photography.
. Keep my current job or find a permanent one (everyone wish and hope I keep my current job)!! 
. Get the money to move to our new apartment next month. 
. Get a new bed frame and mattress (queen size, so my fiance Justin and me can have more room). 
. Get new living room furniture (I really want a sleeper bed couch for guests)!!

. Get my photography business up and running
. Travel to Seattle or Las Vegas with my fiance (and room-mates for Las Vegas)
. Go out more, go to more clubs and things with friends and family and my fiance!!
. Go to at least one or two conventions
. Finish at least one or two new cosplays
Possibly et a new camera or at least camera lens
. Conquer my OCD and Anxiety so it doesn't effect me as much with the intrusive thoughts, compulsions, ect.  

And that's it for now, my main top resolutions for 2013. =] Everyone please wish and hope me luck on all these, as I do for all yours!! I really think I can get most if not all these done this year!! ^.^ <3 <3

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy night/day!! <3 <3

My worries and what nots.

I am on LJ AT WORK. On break of course. But still, AT WORK. Haha, how cool is that? Really?
I have nothing better to do on break obviously. The dude in front of me is on Farmville. And I have a orange juice that I filled with airborn as well, creating Strawberry-Orange Air Juice. Yep!!  

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Well, that's all for today. Typing on a actual keyboard is fun, lol!!

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe night/day!!